Personal Touch Products

A Rewarding Business That Fits Your Lifestyle

PERSONAL TOUCH brings personal fulfillment and profit together. With the flexibility to determine when, where and how you run your business, it is completely up to you. Decide whether you want to operate full-time or part-time.


Your business can thrive year-round if you choose to work on a full-time basis. Want to make money with your computer? This is a natural! Or set up shop with little expense at one of the many year-round flea markets or swap-meets.


This business makes a great extra-income sideline. It can be easily operated by college students, seniors, single parents or anyone with limited time. Choose your own hours.


Holidays are the lifeblood of this business. In fact, you may choose to market to business associates, friends and family exclusively during the peak holiday seasons. The last two weeks prior to Christmas alone offer an amazing opportunity for profits! You can also operate more than one location with hired help or family members. Setting up at multiple locations is a possibility, particularly prior to Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. 

For those who are open to the idea, hosting Home Parties prior to the major holidays can be fun and offers the potential to earn another significant stream of income.

Some Personal Touch advantages:
  • Low investment

  • Comprehensive start up package

  • Enough starting inventory to earn back your investment many times over

  • Lifetime support

  • Low cost gifts with very high profit margins

  • No storefront requirement

  • Simple to do. No special skills or equipment

  • No franchise or royalty fees

  • Very little inventory needed

  • Broad personalized gift appeal

  • Flexible hours and location

  • No dress code - pajamas are optional

A Personally Rewarding Business...

Our mission at Personal Touch Products is to play a small part in helping to impact our world in a positive way by providing uplifting and inspirational products and supplies to our business customers who in turn create truly special personalized gifts for the public.

If you enjoy working with your computer, providing a much need service, selling unique high quality items, making people happy and making a handsome profit at the same time, they you will enjoy owning a Personal Touch Products business opportunity.

A few comments from our customers...

In this business, you work one on one with people on a daily basis. We are immediately on a first name basis with the client, that`s the nature of the business. We establish an immediate rapport with each customer. And then we make them feel good about themselves.

Allen, Creative Names by Lilac

The business is really rewarding. I am reaching out to people who need some inspiration, and in these poems that is what they have. I love it. My customers all have good hearts – otherwise they wouldn’t be buying these for another person. It is just fantastic.

Agnes Clay

This is a really high quality opportunity for the money. It took us less than a week to make our investment back!

Ladis Arany, Names on Rice