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coat of arms software

Create beautiful family keepsakes with Personal Touch - Coat of Arms Software:

  • Coat of Arms Gifts

  • Double Coat of Arms Gifts

  • Last Name History Gifts

  • Combined Coat of Arms and Last Name History Gifts

  • Family Heritage Gifts based on your customer’s last name and country of origin.

Create COA gifts with our simple 5 step process.

It takes one or two minutes to create a typical family heirloom that your customers will cherish forever.

  • Select the gift type
  • Search for your customers last-name or country of origin
  • Select the art background & size
  • Insert the PT Art Background into your printer
  • Press Print

Database Features:

  • 120,000+ Surname Histories

  • 70,000 Last Name Coat of Arms

  • 200 Authentic Country Coat of Arms (create COA’s gifts for every customer)

  • 200 Country Family Heritage Keepsakes (create family heritage gifts for every customer)

Coat of Arms Software Features:

  • Exclusive Coat of Arms graphics illustrated based on historical family Coat of Arms and Crests.

  • Vector file format for the highest quality printing available.

  • Each Coat of Arms graphic includes a Shield, Crest, and color coordinated Mantle.

  • Each Coat of Arms graphic incorporates an eye catching 3D drop-shadow.

  • Create Single COA gifts or Double COA gifts intended to pay tribute to both sides of the family.

  • Create combined keepsakes with a Coat of Arms graphic and Last Name History on same printout.

  • Create Family Heritage Keepsakes that includes a Coat of Arms graphic and exclusive country of origin write-up.

  • Create smaller Coat of Arms gifts with preset sizes: 2x3, 4x6, 5x7

  • Drag & drop and resize COA graphics as desired. 

Coat of Arms Sample Gifts:

12x20 Gold Ornate Frame, 12x20 Royal Blue & Gold Mat, 8.5x11 Surname History, 5x7 Family Photo. 

Coat of Arms Sample Gift - 12x20 Frame and Mat

Full size Surname History with 5x7 Coat of Arms graphic.

Coat of Arms Sample Gift - 12x20 Frame and Mat

COMBINED Family Heritage with Country Coat of Coat of Arms and 5x7 Photo.

Coat of Arms Sample Gift - 12x20 Frame and Mat

COMBINED Surname History with 5x7 Coat of Arms PLUS 5x7 Family Photo

Coat of Arms Sample Gift - 12x20 Frame and Mat
Documentation Included:
  • Printable: Surname History List of Names (create a book for customer look-up)

  • Printable: Surname History Cover Page (book cover page)

  • Printable: Sign - 8.5x11

  • Printable: Heraldic Terminology (alphabetic list of heraldry terms and definition)


"Hi John, just a note about the COA update. My husband, son Scott and I did a one day street apple festival Saturday, first time I showed the combo gift. Close to 50% of the persons who looked at it bought for $12.00 printed on your parchment cardstock. Cut into my $20 mat sales. But was so quick and easy, we did not care. Day ended up at $1315.00 for 10AM to 4PM. The booth was jammed all the time. I tried to get them out the back onto the sidewalk with not much luck. Lost some business because they would not wait. We have another one this Saturday, it will be much smaller I think. Sally"

Computer Requirements:
  • PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10.

  • 6 GB Memory (recommended) 5 GB Hard disk space

  • Mac users can run Windows applications using 3rd party software called “Parallels Desktop for Windows.”

Printer Requirements:
  • A color printer is required to print the Coat of Arms graphics.

  • We prefer laser printers but inkjet printers can work well also.

  • When purchasing a new printer, select one that is designed to print on 65lb cardstock or thicker paper (the approximate thickness of a thin business card).