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Personalization has universal appeal. Everyone loves to see their names in print, especially when it`s on a beautiful background with a touching message. As the owner of a PERSONAL TOUCH personalized gift business, you will be able to offer your customers a much needed and very much appreciated line of personalized gifts. We are talking about high quality personalized items that your customers will be proud to give as gifts.

This love of personalization is not a passing fad. The proof is in the numbers. PERSONAL TOUCH has sold more than 10,000,000 – that`s ten million -- art backgrounds to personalized gift retailers worldwide.

Customers who purchase this type of product frequently become repeat customers. Once they experience the gratitude and joy of giving a PERSONAL TOUCH gift, they often come back for other occasions. Just like a greeting card customer who purchases an appropriate card for each occasion, PERSONAL TOUCH gift customers return to purchase gifts for those very same occasions. But, unlike a card, a PERSONAL TOUCH gift is professionally personalized and treasured forever.

I don`t even have to advertise anymore. Because the products are wonderful and very reasonably priced, and because I do my best to please my customers, I get a lot of referrals. Agnes Clay, Chuckies

If you have the heart for making people happy and have a desire to make money using your computer, you won`t find a simpler, more enjoyable business opportunity than PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS. This is an excellent opportunity to tap the virtually unlimited market for personalized gifts.

Who Buys Personalized Gifts?

Anyone looking for a thoughtful gift that will be treasured always. Yes, the potential of the retail personalized gift market is unlimited! Just think of all the occasions….

First, there are holidays such as:

  • Christmas

  • Mother`s Day & Father`s Day (like Christmas all over again!)

  • Valentine`s Day

just to name a few.

Then there are all those special occasions:

  • Weddings & Anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Graduation

  • Retirement

  • Births and Adoptions

Or just saying "Thank You" in a very special way to your favorite teacher, nurse, police officer, coworker, fire fighter, or friend. And you`ll be surprised at how many people buy just for themselves.

Anyway you look at it, there are millions of opportunities to put a smile on someone`s face and make a healthy profit at the same time.

So How Does This Work?

Good question :-) Gone are the days of waiting days to produce a personalized gift. How does a couple of minutes from start to finish sound? Some customers will have a hard time believing you can do it that quickly, but it`s true! That`s why it makes such a great business to set up at malls, flea markets, swap meets, or anywhere there is foot traffic.

It`s a truly simple process. Using your computer and our special software and supplies, you will be able to create beautiful personalized gifts that will be treasured forever. It`s simple to learn and you will need no other skills or tools to get started.

Here's an overview of the process...

Your customer...

  • Chooses an appropriate poem from our Special Poetry Book.

  • Selects an art background from our Special Art Book.

  • Tells you how to personalize their gift, e.g. "Dear Mom" for an opening and perhaps "With love always, Kevin" for a sentimental closing.

You can also frame and mat your customers gift to make it an even more precious, or you can create a personalized jewelry box or night light, or any one of a host of other personalize-able gifts. It`s your customers choice and you can create any of the gifts just as quickly and easily.

Then using the Personal Touch Personalized Gift software you...

  • Select your customer`s chosen art background. That image will display on your screen.

  • Select and personalize the poem chosen by your customer.

  • Insert the chosen art background into your printer and press PRINT.

  • Now simply retrieve your personalized art background from your printer, mat it, frame it, or whatever your customer chooses.

It's that easy!

A word from one of our customers...

This is a great business, and so very flexible. There are appropriate products to create for every age-group, men, women and children, and for every occasion you can think of. It makes a great addition to an existing business and it can also be run part time. I set up in malls and I can come and go as I please – there`s no long-term lease to deal with. I can work year round if I want – and only if I want.
Peter Edry, Names on Art