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Earn Extra Or Even Full-Time Income While Enjoying All The Benefits Of Owning Your Very Own Work-From-Home Business! High-Quality, Yet Affordable Personalized Gifts From Personal Touch Can Yield Profits of 300% to As Much As 4000%!
Work-from-home businesses are the wave of the future. In fact, a little more than half of the business owners who responded to the last U.S. census on this subject reported that they primarily work from home, and that number is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing year.
The reasons for owning a work-from-home business of any kind are obvious, starting with the incredible flexibility that comes with being your own boss. You dictate how much or how little you need or want to work and set your own hours accordingly.
While that’s nice, it’s also critically important that you find a work-from-home business that you enjoy, that’s simple to operate, affordable to run and has a proven track record of success. Personal Touch Products’ personalized gift business opportunity is just the work-from-home opportunity you’ve been searching for.
Designed entirely with the work-from-home business entrepreneur in mind, Personal Touch Products offers you:
  • Affordable, unmatched, one-of-a-kind personalized gift software and high-quality supplies that enable you to make the most beautiful, distinctive personalized gifts you’ll find anywhere―gifts your customers will love and that you’ll enjoy making for them
  • The assurance that we will be with you every step of the way as you set up and run your business
  • The ability to create gifts from home or anywhere―everything is completely portable and easy to operate
  • The opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money on your own gift giving
  • The option to open an on-line web store in a matter of minutes
  • The comfort of knowing you’re working with an A+-rated, Online Better Business Bureau Company with a long-standing and untarnished reputation of more than two decades
  • The encouragement to grow your business any way you see fit and completely at your own pace.
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Three More Great Reasons To Consider Owning A Work-From-Home Personal Touch Personalized Gift Business Of Your Very Own…
  • When we say it’s easy, we mean it’s easy! All you need is a computer and printer and a Personal Touch Products personalized gift start-up package of your choosing, and you’ll be on your way in a matter of days. Learning to make personalized gifts of various kinds is so simple, even a child can do it! In fact, that’s yet another key benefit of becoming a Personal Touch personalized gift business owner. You really do have the option to make your work-from-home business a family affair and involve your kids however and whenever you can
  • Flea markets, craft fairs, farmers markets…any number of venues present you with the perfect opportunity to find customers for Personal Touch personalized gifts. They also make great fundraisers for churches, sports teams, schools and other non-profit organizations of all kinds. Add to all that the fact that you can also reach customers via the internet, and the possibilities for growing your business become readily apparent
  • In addition, the personalized gifts business is always steady and virtually recession-proof. After all, someone somewhere is always celebrating, honoring or remembering something or someone else. New babies, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, love, friendship, thank you gifts, retirements, recognition, fund raising, just because, family gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or Christmas gifts… the list of occasions and opportunities where personalized gift giving is not only appropriate but desirable goes on and on.
It’s for this very reason we always say:
Personal Touch Gifts are the right gift at the right price at the right time - Every Time!
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