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A great opportunity for moms desiring to earn an extra income.

Enjoy what you do while earning great profits:

The perfect business for women? I know you've heard it all before, I have too, and I expect our new customers to be skeptical. So, using as few words as possible, I will explain our free gift offer intended to show you exactly what we're offering you and what this business is all about. In fact, we offer you TWO rewards. We will send you the FIRST REWARD via U.S. Mail. You will actually recieve two personalized gifts worth $20, and you are GUARENTEED to receive it. (1 per household, 21 or older, U.S. residence). We'd like to send you these sample gifts so you can see, touch and experience the quality of Personal Touch gifts before you make any final decisions. And, we encourage you to share your gifts with others so you can begin to experience the kind of positive feedback you'll receive from your family, friends and customers should you decide to come on board with us. We take care of the shipping cost too, so the gifts truly are 100% free.

As for the SECOND REWARD I mentioned above; it is potentially of far greater value both financially and personally than the personalized gifts we will send you, and will depend upon your personal circumstances. What are you looking to accomplish? Are you looking for a simple way to earn an extra income while enjoying what you do? Interested in saving money by creating thoughtful personlized gifts for the special occasions and special people in your life? If either of these sound appealing, we encourage you to find out more.

A Flexible Business:

Moms can easily earn an extra income creating personalized gifts for friends and family, fund raising for schools and team sports, holiday home parties, on-line webstores. Start off with a method that sound most appealing to you, then expand your business whenever you're ready. You can even take this opportunity to the next level by renting an inexpensive booth at flea markets, craft fairs, farmers markets. There are never any quota's so it's really about your personal desires.

A Family Friendly Business:

The Personal Touch Personalized Gift Business is definitely a family-friendly business. In fact, our software and gift creation process are so simple, even a child can do this. That’s why we encourage you to involve your children as you pass on real world business experience to your kids. A great way to teach them the rewards of work and the value of earning money. As another bonus, this can become a truly enjoyable learning experience you share with your kids!

A Profitable Business:

We are a wholesale only company so your costs will be surprisingly low. Our system offers you the highest quality, lowest-cost supplies which offer you super-high profit margins. For example, you can create a typical personalized first name meaning gift that cost you 50 cents and easily sells for $10 or more. A typical family gift with family poem and the first names of each family member will cost you 50 cents can be sold for $20 or more.
And it only takes you a couple of minutes!
Perhaps the most rewarding of all, your customers will appreciate the beautiful gifts that you create for them so much, that many of them will return to purchase from you again and again. The reason for this is three-fold:
  • Personal Touch’s gift quality and unrivaled personalization options make our gifts truly distinctive; and
  • Personal Touch gifts are extreemly thoughtful gifts offering your customers something appropriate for every possible occasion; and
  • Personal Touch gifts cost you so little to create which means you will provide your customers with very affordable gifts.  
Find Out More About How You Can Work From Home, Make Extra Income And Share Quality Time With Your Family Today!
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Easy & Affordable: Everything You Need To Be Successful:
All you need is a computer and printer. Personal Touch will provide you with everything else you need to begin earning money with your own personalized gift business.
We are proud members of the On-line Better Business Bureau, Personal Touch Products with an untarnished A+ rating. We’ve built our reputation through our dedication to supporting our customers, including work-at-home moms and dads seeking to earn extra money to make ends meet. We also pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of our supplies and products, as well as the flexibility our business opportunity provides, especially for parents.
As a Personal Touch Products business owner and someone who puts family first, you can:
  • Work full- or part-time and set your own hours

  • Work alongside your children, involving them in the business as much or as little as you like

  • Count on us to be with you every step of the way as you set up and run your business

  • Create gifts from home or in any other venue; everything is completely portable and easy to learn and operate

  • Save a tremendous amount of money on your own gift giving

  • Open an on-line web store in a matter of minutes

  • Grow your business any way you see fit and completely at your own pace.

Finally, you can feel confident that the demand for personalized gifts is steady and virtually recession-proof because no matter where you live, or who you know, each of us desire to purchase high quality, low cost gifts for all of the special occasions and special people in our lives. From new babies to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, love, friendship, thank you gifts, retirements, recognition, fund raising, just because, family gifts, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, graduation, Christmas gifts… and the list goes on. Someone is always celebrating, honoring or remembering someone else! Can you envision yourself becoming a highly valued resource for everyone you know?
It’s like we always say:
Personal Touch Gifts are the right gift at the right price at the right time - Every Time!
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