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Another thing... :-) I am so amazed by the ease of use of the GOA software!  I thank God for Personal Touch and how simple and stress-free it has made restarting my business...without having to reinvent the wheel because you all have already done it!  Then, there's the fact that I first found your company on the web about 7 years ago - but I was never able to relaunch my business here in Las Vegas that I had operated in NC and in Okinawa, Japan - until now.  Thankful :-)

Juanita Davis
God so loves you... 

(ref. John 3:16)


Hey John.... 

Despite gas being as high as it is, the economy in shambles or so the experts say... the bottom line is that our product sales from Sep.18th to Oct.12; with only 14 days of selling we sold $10,309.72. Before we bought your program my husband was a builder I was a stay at home Mom and we never got anywhere with our finances, it was hard to get by. Now we are doing quite well we are not rich but we have what we need and want without relying on credit to pay for it. We work for ourselves set our own hours home school our kids and have fun doing it. We thank you for creating such a great money making product. It has definitely changed our lives.

Thanks a million for being such a great person.


Thanks. I have a big craft fair next weekend -- Please fill ASAP - I like the new glass frames!!  This started out as a hobby- I am retired and find this is great way to earn extra income. The products sell themselves, even in todays economy! The demand is so good that I need to get another big table!!! - Thanks again, Dale R. 


You have far surpassed anything I had hoped for in the Personalization Software.....I just don't have the words to tell you how very impressed with it.  It is just fantastic. Very User Friendly and so versatile. I feel sure that God must have sent me to your site....

I am very impressed with the quality of the mats I received....they add so much to the saleability of the products.....

Thank you so much for what you have done here....Needless to say I will not be using my other two products can expect a supply order from me in the very near future....Thanks again I look forward to any new products you might come up with.....Something for Babies would be nice and some prints of Grandparents doing things with children would be great.

God Bless You
Ann H.



I purchased your products a couple of months ago and I just wanted to brag a little!  I had my first craft show this weekend and my sales were $1300.00!  Customers were in line at my booth and the greatest part of the whole weekend was seeing how happy my customers were when I handed them the finished product! I sold first name meanings and poetry with the mats the most, some frames too!  I am so very proud and pleased to be selling these items.  Thank you for all the time you've given me on the phone and I am a happy customer too! 

Thanks again, Lynn
Creative Moods By Lynn


Hi John, 

I wanted you to know that I was recently set up at the same show as one of my competitors. A customer purchased one of my competitors name meaning prints, and after seeing what I had to offer she went back to my competitor demanded her money back and purchased one on of my name certificate.

Thanks for everything John
Connie from North Carolina 


Hi John,

I just want to thank you for responding so quickly to all of my emails.I know that you probably have a very busy schedule, like most people, but you take the time to promptly answer emails. I really appreciate it.



Hi John,

I spent some time yesterday playing with the program and looking through the artwork, and thinking of all kinds of ideas for things I can create.  I just have to tell you I am so very, very happy with this purchase!  The artwork you've chosen is absolutely stunning and exactly in line with what I wanted, and the software is so easy to use.  I am so excited!

Thank you again!
Many blessings :)


Dear Personal Touch,

I am just writing to let you know how happy I am with the products. Each time I order the art work I can’t wait to open the package to see what they look like! I am really enjoying this business. I like my poem book that I ordered, it really helps. I am so glad that I went ahead and made that purchase. I must tell this short story because Personal Touch Products touched my whole family this passed week. I lost my Uncle and Aunt six months apart. Last week my Uncle passed away. They had been married for 62 years. Well I did their names with the artwork with Hands 2. I put their picture between their names. It looked so professional. Now all their grandchildren want the same art work with the picture. I am so glad that I saved the art work. Thanks to you it made a different in my family’s life. Like I told you on the telephone Mr. Trapani, this is one the best investments I ever made.

I am so pleased.
Thanks, Gerry Beaubouef


Dear Personal Touch, 

I had my first show and I did great. I believe you have great software and a wonderful line of art backgrounds. The angels and the nature prints were first to go. This is a great opportunity for me to do something I really enjoy doing. I am retired and live on a fixed income. I have a disability and can’t work a full time job.  This is great line of work to be in and I meet a lot of people from all walks of life. I started this as a hobby and now find myself making pretty good money. It helps pay the bills. I write poetry in my spare time and put the poems on your backgrounds. I have dedicated a series of poems to the military. I am a veteran too. The poems on the art backgrounds are deeply touching to a lot of people.

Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Dale
Dales Designs & Gifts  


Dear John 

After only a couple of months of working with your products, we have received a great amount of appreciation and recognition from satisfied customers.   We would like to share with you, some of the comments that we have received. 

  • The Mother of a US Marine placed an order which included one of your poems and a name meaning.After receiving her order on the Army art background she was so touched that she actually cried and kissed us.

  • Our dentist was so impressed with the framed art background with his and his wife’s name meanings, that he ordered 11 creations as Christmas gifts for his family and staff.


Our profits and list of customers continue to grow, and our customers are very pleased.  These are just a couple of examples. Your poems are heartfelt and have that faith oriented touch that is part of our upbringing as well, the quality of the art backgrounds is excellent and the orders are shipped to us in very professional packing; to date we have not received any damaged goods. We are extremely satisfied not only with your products but also with your outstanding customer service which includes returning our phone calls even on Sundays! Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 

Millie & Louie
CP Creations, Inc


Dear John,

Thank you. You and your staff have been wonderful with your quick response and support as we rushed to get started. This past weekend we had our first show and we were very successful, as we learned how to draw people to our booth, they would begin to look at the beautiful pieces of art,  when we pulled up  their name and placed in on the art background of their choice on the computer, then turned the monitor around for them to see  they became inspired to purchase the product. The looks on the their face when they see the finished product is priceless.

Thank you once again,
Bob and Pam



We did it....$1045 in a 14 hour period. Not bad considering we just had one computer. I know that we could have done more because I did witness some walk-offs that I did not get a chance to talk to. I know some of them came back later, but we definitely could have done better with two computers. We still can't complain. We only sold backgrounds without frames or mats so the profit margin was high.

We were hesitant to begin using Gifts on Art because we were using a different program for so many years. But the proof is in the numbers, we broke our previous record the first night using it. Feel free to share our first experience with potential customers. If they need proof, tell them to call me.

Thanks, Bill


Hi John

I had a box office hit for orders for the holidays... I am not sure what will happen when I start advertising. This business is just word of mouth.

Take care,  Jim


I am so glad we came across your site. It`s great having someone local to do business with. Thank you so much for everything. I better get started scanning and uploading my beautiful new prints. Happy Holidays!



Hi John . .

Here`s a bit of feedback I rec`d from one customer that purchased several prints

"Great Web Site, Should Really Check It Out, Very Pleasant To Deal With"
"Beautiful Art Work, Fast Delivery, Carefully Packaged"
"Show Someone How Much They Mean To You, Very Nice Prints"
"Check This Site Out, This Seller Has Some Great Items, Must See"
"Beautiful Prints, Great Art Work, Perfect Gifts"
"Really Beautiful Prints, Makes The Perfect Gift For Someone Special"

this is the kind of feedback I am receiving after purchasing your software,
the "Gifts on Art" program . .

This is feedback from customers prior to "Gifts on Art"

"A++ Thank you, print is nice son will love it! A+++ "
"very nice and pleased thanks soooo much A+++++++++++++++++"
"Thanks fast delivery and great product "

well, need I say more --
the difference in the final product has given a new meaning to repeat business . .
the customers show more excitement with their finished product then they had before . .

"Gifts on Art" is as easy as 1,2,3 or in my case . . click, paste, print . . .
Just a little note of Thanks for a great product that has put the zing
back in my home base business . .



Once again I must say I am soooo impressed with your new release of art... Keep up the great work, you always make me lots of money. Thanks



Hey John,

The prints are absolutely beautiful! Thanks again!



WOW! I`m totally impressed!! These look great! They are wonderful and I`m very excited to see the new look. Thanks so much!



Hi John,

Wow, wow, wow!! I love them. I will get an order together when I get home.!!



Hey John,

I received my program as you know and since Saturday I have sold $195.00 worth of prints and framed and matted prints... I also have a prospective $240 more coming. Not too shabby for only five days... I appreciate your help in getting the order to me quickly and efficiently, and I believe the timing is very good to make a great profit with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

God bless you with His very best...


Hi, John –

It’s me again!! I received my frame and mat order and they are beautiful! I also received the new art and the fire puppy and the farm are absolutely awesome! I am going to order some extra. Thanks for your help!!! You are always so helpful!



Hi John,

In my opinion, this software is the greatest software available for the Gift Personalization business... I have been doing this business for approximately 5 years... In that time, I have acquired just about all the personalized gift software available and, believe me, this software beats them all, hands down...

First off, it is two programs in one, poems and first names... Three if you want to count the fact that it prints out in Spanish... It has a very user friendly interface...

Secondly, you will be hard pressed to find any better customer service...

Bottom line: If you are just starting out in this business, or even if you are already in this type of business, this software is the only software you will ever need... I use this software exclusively... My only complaint is that this software has made all my other software obsolete...

Thanks John


Hi John,

I like the software better than any software I have ever used.
My customers like it a lot. I am very pleased with it; it`s easy to use,
and it`s fast. I`m very happy with it. Thank You



I would like to thank you for your patience when you walked me through the steps of using the software. You were so kind and understanding. You delivered more than what I expected. Thank you for this wonderful system. It is truly a blessing and a great business opportunity that I can do at my own pace.



Hi John,

I really like the silver frames and want to give my customers a choice plus they are perfect with the mat frames I ordered... I appreciate everything you`ve means a lot. 



Hi John,

The Gifts on Art is truly a unique and fantastic program. No other program allows you the flexibility that you have with Gifts on Art. The ability to do more than two name meanings on a single print is a great feature. Everyone loves the fact that we can do a poem and a name meaning on one of your art backgrounds. The personality traits that you have with the name meanings are more personal and suitable for adults as well as children. I like the fact that its fast and easy to use. Gifts on Art Is like getting several programs combined into one. I`m looking forward to even more success with Gifts on Art. 

Thank you,



I just wanted to let you know that I received the prints in excellent condition and love the the sample pack. The Fire Puppy is too cute! I just wanted to say thank you for getting my order to me so fast I really appreciate it. 
Again THANK YOU :o) 

Warmest Wishes,


Hi John

I have once again been overwhelmed to write you a thank you email. .. Thank you for continuing a GREAT line of art to print on. I have been in the "over printing" biz for almost 4 years now, and with all honesty your line does sell more for me than other competitors prints that I have tried.. . 

Thanks Again


Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your new art backgrounds. The quality of the prints is fantastic. Your new military prints are so great, I hate to sell them, I want to keep them all for myself. The art backgrounds we have seen from other companies cannot compare to the quality of yours. Your poems are by far our best selling personalized item. We have seen people cry when they read some of them because they touch them in such a personal way. The fact that they can add their own personal touch to the poem is something that they love. We always look forward to your new art backgrounds, because we know that they will be a sure seller. We want you to know how much we appreciate the help that you have been to us since we have started in the personalization business, and look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Thank You,



When I bought the Names software (not from you) , they sent me a "free" poem software CD with about 200 poems, but... their poems do not compare to yours!!!! Some of them are "downright (redacted) "!!!:) It is sad to say, but I think I could write better poems than that!!!(and that is bad!!) lol I miss your poems! They would make people (including my mother and I) cry!! That is a sign of a great poem...One that touches you, whether happy or sad! Their poems make you want to laugh! :) 

Take care and May God Bless! Thank you,


John -- 

Just wanted to let you know that the software installed fine, was easy to use, and gave me no problems as I experimented with some of the products. Thank you for your assistance. Also -- I bought products from three different companies on the same day, and I must say that your quality of merchandise was, by far, the highest quality of any of them. I definitely think you are undercharging for your starter package! (Of course, I can say that now that I have mine!) I look forward to doing much more business with you. 



Hello, hope you had a Merry Christmas. I gave some of the personalized backgrounds for Christmas presents, and everyone absolutely loved them. They are beautiful and I really am glad I found your product and decided to do it.

Again, thank you for such a wonderful product.



UPS just left, do you have inside connections OR WHAT????
Thanks so much for all of your prompt, hard-working efforts to make my job easier and stress-free!

Happiest of Holidays to you and your family... 


Hi John

just wanted you to know that I`ve had an opportunity to try your software on the first computer and it is wonderful. It is going to make our life so much better when training new employees. I even like the feature where it tells you how many prints have been printed that day. I love your poems and the poem book. I`m glad you talked me into ordering the book.



Thank you so much for your beautiful prints. I work with my uncle and he has great regard for you and your products. So when we branched out a little you were the one I came to. Future orders to come-

God Bless.


Hi John,

I can not begin to tell you how sad I am to say that we are selling our business due to our moving to Florida. I want to thank you for all that you have done for us, you have helped make our business the success that it was.

Again thanks for everything,


Hi John,

I have always told everyone that you were the best, yesterday just showed everyone my point. You are such a nice guy. Most suppliers won`t even talk with you, let alone call you to help. I know we are probably your "smallest" customer, but you treat us like we are very important to you. I appreciate you very much.Thanks for all of your help.

May God always bless you and yours,
B .


Hello John,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I live in the UK & recently purchased your wonderful software. I had immediate success with it as I purchased it a couple of days before `mothers day`. In fact only 24 hrs after the purchase I recouped my entire outlay selling over thirty framed products. Needless to say I am extremely exited at the possibilities this business seems to offer.

Yours faithfully


Hi John,

The following is a very fast success story:
As you know you gave me the unlock code for POA on Thursday, on Friday the purchaser John D returned and bought another 50 Premium art works, saying he had sold seven gifts, we received a telephone call from him today, that between Friday evening and Saturday evening he had sold over 30 framed products and recouped the cost of the Business program in ONE days trading! Anant B Bought the program earlier in the year, for mothers day he sold over 70 Framed Gifts, as he said these alone would have paid for the program. 

Sandra and Allan



After I got home from work my wife already had the boxes of our starter package opened.  She said she can't make sense of what everything is.  I told her let me take a look.  I unloaded all of the boxes.  Put everything in piles. I start opening the boxes.  Looks like everything is there.  But OMG there is so much stuff.  Between the poem books, the background book and just everything else that is included WHAT A VALUE!!!   

I brought the poem book today along with the sheets that contain the background selections.  I had the book in the car of which I car pool with 3 ladies.  Guess what sales.  I brought the book over to a lady that was interested in it.  BIG smile on her face.  I am sure in the next day or so she will be placing some orders.

Orders happening and I don't even have everything set up!!!  What a good problem.  Tonight I will start printing!

Thanks Bob



I`ve been thinking about you today and wanted to give you something for your testimonials if you`d like to use it. I meant to do this much sooner but have been extremely busy. I had researched many business opportunities on the Internet and had almost given up believing that there were any legitimate ones to be found. I ran across Personal Touch and reluctantly decided to check it out. Everyone that I spoke with had the same response about about you. They said that your a super nice guy that goes above and beyond for all of his customers. They were right....I can`t say enough about you and your products. A great guy to work with and the products are such high quality that they basically sell themselves! I`m very pleased with how well my business is doing in just 2 short months.