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SILVER Start-up Kit

  • Gifts on Art Software (on USB)
  • 400+ Personalize-able Poems
  • 250,000+ First Name Meanings
  • 700+ Popular Bible Verses
  • 700+ Famous Quotations
  • 30+ Prayers
  • Family Tree & Unique Family Gifts
  • 1 PT Poetry Book (sales tool)
  • 200 Art Backgrounds
  • 200 Clear Art Bags - 8.5x11

** $2,000 Inventory Retail Value **

Regular Price: $399.00

Special Price: $349.00

SILVER Start-up Kit. Gifts on Art Software (on USB) 400+ Personalize-able Poems 250,000+ First Name Meanings 700+ Popular Bible Verses 700+ Famous Quotations 30+ Prayers Family Tree & Unique Family Gifts 1 PT Poetry Book (sales tool) 200 Art Backgrounds 200 Clear Art Bags - 8.5x11 ** $2,000 Inventory Retail Value **

Rating: 100/100 based on 3 review(s)
  • Price: $349.00 - In stock


Silver Kit:

  • Gifts on Art Software (on USB) 
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
  • 200+ Personalize-able Poems (English)
  • 200+ Personalize-able Poems (Spanish)
  • 125,000+ First Name Meanings (English)
  • 125,000+ First Name Meanings (Spanish)
  • 700+ Popular Bible Verses
  • 700+ Famous Quotations
  • 30+ Prayers
  • Family Tree Gifts
  • ** Plus Exciting New Software Features **
  • 24 Sample Gift Templates you can use to quickly create the most popular sample gifts for your display
  • Sample Gift Labels that allow your customers to quickly identify the themes for your sample gifts
  • Thoughtful prayers & poems for our Police, Firemen, Teachers, and Military
  • Military creeds that pay tribute the men and women serving our country
  • A comprehensive bible search tool with 11 complete bible versions
  • Holiday letters including Santa and Tooth Fairy


  • 200 Best Selling Art Backgrounds - 5 ea. of the top 40
  • 200 Clear Art Bags - 8.5x11
  • 1 PT Poetry Book (English) - An essential sales tool
  • Software Instructions & Documentation Pack
  • Phone Support & Training
  • Phone Order Line
  • Marketing Hints & Tips
  • Order Forms - Wholesale & Retail
  • Printed Retail Sign - 8.5x11 paper
  • Wholesale Supplier List
  • Free Updates - Within Same Release Level

** $2,000 Inventory Retail Value **

Gifts on Art Silver Kit


  • The Silver kit is a great way to get started. This kit includes the PT Poetry book and far more than enough art backgrounds to earn back many times your initial investment
  • The Silver kit includes 5 each of the 40 best-selling art backgrounds (total 200). The top 40 art backgrounds will provide the majority of your customers with suitable options for their gifts. 
  • You can expand your offerings by purchasing additional items as your business grows or upgrade to a higher start-up kit within 6 months of your initial purchase (one time only).

Additional Suggested Supplies:

  • 11x14 Mats transform the 8.5x11 printed gifts into a much more impressive gift for a very low cost. 
  • 11x14 Mat Bags. (the perfect low-cost solution for unframed gifts.) 
  • Additional Art Backgrounds as needed. 
  • 8.5x11 and or 11x14 Frames as your budget permits (purchase from Personal Touch or find them locally)
  • Photo Mats (A high-quality solution to add small photos to matted gifts. Simply affix your customer's photo with glue stick)


  • Create "sample gifts" using the templates included with Gifts on Art software. 
  • Create your own "art book" using a 3 ring binder, sheet protectors, and one of each art background included with your kit. When you add more designs to your collection, you can easily one of each into your art book.  
  • The "Art Book", "Poetry Book", and "Sample Gifts" will prove to be invaluable sales tools for your customers to select their gift.

Can you choose the art backgrounds for your kit?

  • Yes. By default, each start-up kit includes a pre-set number of top selling art backgrounds which is a proven way to get started but you can select your own art backgrounds if desired. In that case, you can provide us with a list of the art backgrounds and quantity of each in the Order Comment when checking out with your purchase.


Scroll down to view an awesome collection of sample gifts & keepsakes that you can create in one or two minutes.

Single First Name Meaning Gift:

  • This timeless and very popular gift includes a first name meaning with origin and 8 virtues associated with the name.
  • Create a first name meaning gift for every name in the world, including unique names. 
  • As shown below with Angel Girl 1 art background, 11x14 Purple and Gold Mat.

Single First Name Meaning Gift

Double First Name Meaning Gift:

  • Double-name meaning gifts are very popular for couples of all ages, and every occasion that celebrates love. Wedding, anniversary, valentines day, birthdays, young couples and just because.
  • As shown with Hands and Rose 1 art background, 11x14 Royal Blue, and White Mat.    

Double First Name Meaning Gift

A Special Mothers Gift:

  • This is personalized mother's keepsake includes a thoughtful poem with a Photo Mat.
  • As shown with Lily art background, 11x14 Burgundy and Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame. 

Mothers Gift with Poem and Photo Mat

A Nice Family or Home Gift:

  • Select the desired poem and personalize this keepsake with the family's last name.
  • As shown with Cottage art background, 11x14 Green and Burgundy Mat. 

Family / Home Gift

A Double Name Meaning Gift:

  • The perfect gift for couples of all ages. While it is not necessary, a photo brings this gift to its ultimate potential.
  • As shown with Swan Lake art background, 11x14 Black & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Black Photo Mat. 

Double Name Meaning Gift with a Photo

A Beautiful Wedding Keepsake.

  • This gift is another example of the truly unique gifts that you can create for your customers. Includes the couple's first name meanings, wedding date, verse and a photo.
  • As shown with Rose on Beach 2 art background, 11x14 Red & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Red Photo Mat.

A Beautiful Wedding Keepsake

A Beautiful Baby Girl Keepsake.

  • This gift includes a personalized poem for a baby girl and photo mat.
  • As shown with Baby Girl art background, 11x14 Pink & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Pink Photo Mat.
A Personalized Baby Girl Gift

A Baby Boy Keepsake.

  • This gift includes a personalized poem for a baby boy. 
  • As shown with Baby Boy art background, 11x14 Royal Blue & White Mat.
A Personalized Baby Boy Gift

Graduation Gift:

  • Includes an encouraging poem personalized for the graduate, a famous quotation, and a photo mat. Create a personalized graduation gift that will be remembered forever.
  • This literally took two minutes to create and you can save it as a template so you can quickly create the same gift for future customers.
  • As shown with Graduation art background, 11x14 Black & Red Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Black Photo Mat.
Graduation gift

Anniversary Gift:

  • A thoughtful wedding anniversary keepsake with a poem personalized for a 30th anniversary, popular Bible verse and photo mat.
  • Easily edit the poem for your customer's specific anniversary. Create personalized anniversary gifts that will be cherished forever.
  • As shown with Monarch art background, 11x14 Burgundy & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Burgundy Photo Mat. 

Personalized Anniversary Gift with Photo

Here's one more Anniversary Gift Sample:

  • Includes first name meanings for the couple, a personalized poem, and a popular Bible verse.
  • As shown with Lace art background, 11x14 Burgundy & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame.
Personalized Anniversary Gift

Create Inspirational Gifts:

  • Includes an inspirational poem personalized for the recipient and an inspirational Bible verse. 
  • As shown with Three Crosses art background, 11x14 Black & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame.

Inspirational Gift with Poem and Three Crosses

A Grandmothers Gift:

  • Includes a thoughtful poem for Grandma and your customer's photo.
  • As shown with Lace art background, 11x14 Pink & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Pink Photo Mat.

Personalized Grandmothers Gift

The Perfect Gift for a Soldier:

  • Includes a first name meaning, Soldier's Creed, inspirational quote, and photo.
  • As shown with Army art background, 11x14 Walnut & Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame, Walnut Photo Mat.

Army Soldiers Keepsake

A Personalized Keepsake for a U.S. Coast Guardsman:
  • Includes a first name meaning, Coast Guardsman Creed, and an inspirational Bible verse.
  • As shown with Coast Guard art background, 11x14 Royal Blue and Gold Mat, 11x14 Gold Ornate Frame.

A Personalized Gift for a Coast Guardsman

A Personalized Tribute to our Police and Sheriff:

  • Includes a first name meaning, prayer, and photo.
  • As shown with Police art background, 11x14 Black & Silver Mat, 11x14 Silver Ornate Frame, Black Photo Mat.
A Personalized Gift for Police and Sheriff

A Unique Personalized Family Gift:

  • This personalized keepsake includes a family poem with the last name and first name meanings of each family member.
  • Suggested retail price is $20 unframed, $50-$75 with a frame depending on your cost and retail location.
  • This unique gift can be created for families of three to twenty or more.
  • Any Personal Touch art background with ample printing area can be used to create this gift.

Family Gift with Name Meanings and Poem

Family Tree Sample Gift:

  • Family tree gifts provide the flexibility to insert name meanings, quotes, verses or any desired text as shown in the sample.
  • Suggested Retail Price: $20 for the personalized print, $25 with a Mat, $50-$75 depending on frame cost.

Family Tree Gift                   

Creating a Personalized Keepsake is truly this simple:

  • Click on the "Create New Gift" tool and select the desired art background.
  • Click on the desired tool to insert a poem, name meaning, famous quote, popular verse, prayer, textbox or photo.
  • Insert the chosen art background into your printer and Press Print.
  • Insert the personalized art print into a clear art bag, mat or frame.

Gifts on Art Software Features:

  • "Gifts on Art" software includes 6 programs in 1: First name meanings (English + Spanish), Personalized Poetry (English + Spanish), Family Tree gifts (English and Spanish), Popular Bible Verses (English), Famous Quotations (English), and Inspirational Prayers (English).
  • Begin creating gifts within minutes of installing your software. A simple intuitive interface that you can learn and teach anyone quickly.
  • Create truly unique gifts and save them as a template so you can quickly re-create them for future customers.
  • Time-saving features that allow you to see precisely where the text lines up on the art background as you create the gift. Specialized tools to quickly change and re-size any textbox with the click of a button. Create smaller gifts with a few clicks.
  • Edit any portion of the text and easily add your own poems, verses, quotes, names to the database. Create gifts with the fewest number of keystrokes.
  • Easily save gifts to re-use like a template. This is a valuable feature allows you to quickly recreate comprehensive gifts such as family tree gifts or gifts that include many names or any combination of names, poems, verses, quotes etc.
  • Complete flexibility to configure first name meaning gifts to choose your own unique look by choosing font's, font sizes, graphics etc. Insert any number of first names into one gift. Limited only by the available printing space on the art background.
  • Easily adjust the size and location of objects as you create the gift without switching in and out of preview mode.
  • Easily add a small photo to your gift. (Photos must be previously saved on your computer)
  • Smart software that automatically inserts objects into the ideal location for each art background. Each art background is designed to accommodate the strategic placement of text without compromising the beauty of the art background. You can easily adjust if needed.
  • Easily add your own poems, names, quotes, verses. etc to the program as desired. Your customers will greatly appreciate your ability to immortalize their keepsake with a poem of their own.

Customer Reviews

Surpassed expectations... Review by Neal
I didn't have much money so I started out wit this kit along with some mats and frames. Excellent quality, excellent service. This is probably the best business I have tried. I have found a winner. With service like this, coupled with good pricing and phenomenal quality, you are guaranteed to make money. I have made sales within days of having this product.
(Posted on 6/27/16)
good excellant Review by Ursula
thank you for all your help
(Posted on 5/11/15)
Your software Review by Darilyn
I love my new software! Thanks for the great customer service. You guys are always there to help and that means a lot to me. Happy New Year!
(Posted on 1/5/15)

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