Personal Touch Products

Personal Touch Business Opportunity

To Franchise or Not to Franchise:
PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS is not a franchise. It is a business opportunity. So what's the difference?
A franchise offers the benefit of a proven business system, often with a recognizable name brand. It's a good way to go for someone new to the business world or unfamiliar with a particular industry (although many franchises require franchisees to have both business experience and industry expertise).
The downside is the expense. Most franchises cost many thousands of dollars just to get started. Then there are ongoing royalties to pay monthly for as long as you own your business. These fees can run as high as 20 percent of gross sales! And then there are all the rules and regulations of the parent company that can restrict you from running YOUR business YOUR way.
As a business opportunity, PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS is very inexpensive to get started. And there are no ongoing royalties or other fees. We do not dictate when, where, or how you sell your products. We don't believe in price gouging our customers either. Our starter system is offered at an extraordinary price because we have the confidence that you will continue to purchase our supplies when you are profitable. That is the bottom line: If you make money, then so do we.
What Makes Us Different?
  • We pride ourselves in being different from the rest and we've earned our good reputation.
  • We are the creators and suppliers of the most prestigious line of art backgrounds for our industry. Designed to last a lifetime, our art backgrounds are actually high quality lithographs printed using Archival-quality, 100lb, Bright-White-Paper stock. You will have access to Personal Touch art backgrounds that are sold exclusively through us. Personal Touch offers you a huge variety to choose from so you will always be able to offer something unique to your customers that they can't purchase anywhere else. We are committed to helping your business remain successful; we therefore will never mass market our art backgrounds. You won't find these in stationery stores or Staples or Office Depot.
What our customers say about our art backgrounds…
The selection is very good and there are so many different categories. I have carried art backgrounds from three other companies, but those from Personal Touch Products are the ones most people want. They like them because they are so realistic.
Scott Lundren, Names R Us
I can call and say we need something in a particular line of work like maybe nursing and we get it special just for us. John works with people and pays attention to what's in demand. He makes up the pictures and poems we need, so it's not just like a store catalog and that's all you can get. It makes our work fun because he makes it so easy to please our customers.
Agnes Clay, Chuckies
  • We've developed the very best Personalized Gift Software available. Unlike other software, ours allows you to see exactly where the text is going to line up on the art background before you print it. This is an important feature. Other systems force you to place the verbiage exactly in the center. But that's not always appropriate. You choose where the words go and you see exactly how it will look when printed.
What our customers say about our software…
I sell more poems than names; people love them! My customers especially like that they can be customized and changed around any way they want. That's what personalization is all about.
Scott Lundren, Names R Us
The software is very simple to use. We trained for one day only. You open a text box, move it where you want it, and print it up. That's it!
Ladis Arany, Names on Rice
  • You will receive ongoing support as needed -- whether that's software support, marketing advice, or just answering questions -- at no additional charge.
What our customers say about us…
John is amazing. Seriously, he is just a nice guy, which is very rare in the business world. He is very open to new concepts that we as customers require and always supplies us with what we need.
Allen Averbuck, Creative Names by Lilac
Recently my computer crashed and John called me 3 or 4 times a day to figure it out. He got me up and running again.
Agnes Clay, Chuckies
Any problem at all, I can always give a call and expect an honest opinion without being "sold" something.
Peter Edry, Names on Art
  • We care about you and your success. We also appreciate your opinions and advice about how we can provide you with even better products and services. At PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS, you can always expect to be treated like a valued customer.
What You See Is What You Get...
The Gifts on Art software is by far the most flexible and easy-to-use software available for creating personalized gifts. Our software utilizes a graphical user interface (MS Windows), with WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop capabilities. These are fancy computer buzzwords that mean you can easily view and change whatever is displayed on your computer screen. Unlike competing products, your poems can be modified however you choose. You can personalize any part of the opening, closing, or body of your customer's chosen poem. It's as simple as typing. And you can easily resize a poem, change the font, and add your own custom poems.
Personal Touch provides you with the finest pre-printed art backgrounds available in the marketplace. You don't have to print them yourself. Using our personalized gift software, you will simply print the text on top of your customers selected art background. It realy is that simple.