Personal Touch Products

A message to prospective customers from the founder of Personal Touch Products, Inc.

I can honestly say that PERSONAL TOUCH offers a very rewarding business opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneur. It`s the kind of business that will make you feel good about what you do while earning a handsome profit at the same time. In fact you won’t believe the outpouring of positive feedback you’ll receive from your customers on a continual basis. How many businesses can you say that about?
I don`t believe there has ever been a greater need to supply the public with the positive and inspirational messages that PERSONAL TOUCH offers. Throughout the world, people are moved by the power of words – plus they love seeing their own names in print. By combining a professional printed personalized message with a beautiful art background, you will create a very special kind of personalized gift that becomes a keepsake, something that will be treasured forever. That`s because the recipient knows you cared enough to create something uniquely personalized just for them.
The demand for personalized gift items is unlimited. Yes, the market potential is large, but how do you tap into it? At PERSONAL TOUCH, we’ve designed an exclusive "Gifts on Art Business System" that creates ideal gifts for all types of occasions. At the core of our Business System are three all important features which have made us the leaders in our industry: 1. Our extensive First Name Meanings database and Personalized Poetry Collection. Our poetry collection is full of very appropriate, original material categorized from Adoption through Wedding. 2. Our exclusive collection of art backgrounds. Each and every art background is designed with your business in mind. You will notice that all of the PERSONAL TOUCH art backgrounds effectively accommodate adding appropriate printed messages without destroying the art itself. 3. Our software. I used my over 18 years of software development experience to create the most flexible and easy to use personalization software available. Even if you have little computer experience at all you’ll be up and running in no time. The bottom line? We're offering you a truly comprehensive business system consisting of the finest personalization software, an exclusive collection of beautiful art backgrounds, as well as the "just right" set of thoughtful words your customer is trying to convey for thier special occasion.
PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS , Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Since 1989, we`ve been helping people like you achieve success with their own business. It`s a fun, easy way to make money while making other people smile!
We truly care about our customers and we believe that shines through in everything we do... As the owner of PERSONAL TOUCH PRODUCTS my sole purpose is to provide you with the support and products that will help you to become abundantly successful with your personalized gift business. Our driving mission is to play a small part in helping to impact our world in a positive way, by providing our uplifting and inspirational product line to our business customers, who in turn create truly special, personalized gifts for their customers.
To your ultimate success!
John Trapani
Personal Touch Products, Inc.