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Why are personalized items among the best-selling items to sell at Flea Markets & Craft Fairs?

There are several important reasons why, but the bottom line is simply that EVERYONE appreciates things that are personalized especially for them. From simple personalized items to thoughtful gifts and family keepsakes, everyone has an appreciation for things that are uniquely personal. Of course, for flea market items to be successful they must be very appealing, offer a great value at a low cost, and they must be quick and easy to purchase. Personal Touch personalized gifts fulfill each of those expectations, and they provide your customers with something unique, interesting and truly fun to buy. 
Offer to search for your customer's first name for FREE and see what happens!
When you offer to look up your customer's name for FREE, it creates an irresistible curiosity that begins a fun and interactive sales process. Your customer selects an appealing art design, and you create their personalized name print in less than one minute.
Our proprietary software includes over two hundred thousand names meanings from around the world, and a special feature to create gifts for one-of-kind names too. So you can essentially create name gifts for every name in the world!  Each name print includes the meaning, origin, and eight unique virtues associated with your customer's name. Create Spanish name gifts too with the click of a button. 
The easiest and most profitable personalized items to sell.
When retailing in fast moving venues such as flea markets, fairs, and festivals, we suggest focussing your initial sales efforts on the name meaning gifts. As mentioned, the process is simple, fast, and fun. After you've closed a sale you can share with your customers your ability to create a host of other personalized items such as family tree gifts and personalized keepsakes for just about every occasion you can think of. 
Below are several name gifts with a suggested retail price from $10 for an unframed name print (cost 50 cents.) You can optionally offer frames, mats, and photos to provide your customers with a variety of choices at different price points, and offers you greater profits.  
Request a sample to see for yourself. 
 Sample Name Meaning Gift 3Sample First Name Meaning Gift 2
Sample Name Meaning Gift 4Sample Double Name Meaning Gift with Photo 
Low-cost items with a high-profit margin are essential to flea market success: 
Let's face it, people love to shop at flea markets because it offers them great value and the possibility of finding unique things they can't find anywhere else. And that is precisely what you will be able to provide your customers as a Personal Touch Products dealer.
Provide your customers with an entirely fun keepsake with a high perceived value they can purchase at a very low cost.
You set your own retail prices, but because your wholesale cost for a personalized print is less than $1, profit margins are extremely high.
The Sales Process: Simple, fun, and lightning fast!
Say hello, and offer to search for your customer's name for free. "Hi, we look up name meanings for FREE. How do you spell your first name?" The process is interactive and fun too. And your customers will be excited as they watch you to create their name print in one minute.
Customers frequently purchase name prints for themselves, and more often for their family, friends, and co-workers, during the major holiday selling seasons. 
With the variety of art backgrounds and the ability to create name gifts for every name in the world, you will have everything you need to create unique and interesting keepsakes for your grateful customers. And because name gifts are personalized and appreciated by everyone, they frequently remain on display in homes for all to see, which often leads to repeat business for you.
personalized giifts for flea market
Make great money and enjoy what you do:
It is not a stretch to suggest that you should expect to enjoy providing your customers with our unique personalized gifts that they will greatly appreciate. No hard selling or arm-twisting required. The sales process is more a matter of "show and tell". Display as many samples as possible in your booth and offer to look up your customer's name for free. 
Great profit margins from 300% to 4000% or more.
  • First Name Meaning Gift (unframed) - your cost is 50 cents; your selling price $6.95 - $12.95

  • A Family Tree Gift (unframed) - your cost is 50 cents; your selling price $15.95 - $19.95 

You will need a Windows based computer and a printer, but no other special equipment is required and there are no royalties to be concerned with.
How to get started:
Our proprietary "Gifts on Art Software" and low-cost supplies provide you with everything you need to create appealing, cost effective name gifts and personalized items that your customers will absolutely love.
Visit our startup kit page and select a kit from $249.
Each kit includes more than enough inventory to earn back at least double your investment.
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