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home based christian business opportunity
Create beautiful Christian keepsakes featuring popular bible verses, name meanings, inspirational poems, prayers and family gifts for every possible occasion! 
Are you looking for a simple opportunity that you can enjoy what you are doing while earning a rewarding income? 
Home Based Christian Business Opportunity:
The Personal Touch opportunity is simple, profitable, personally rewarding and enjoyable too! Most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to create high-quality, faith-friendly keepsakes that your friends, family, and customers will love and keep them coming back to you again and again.
You'll have everything you need to create a variety of gifts and keepsakes with costs beginning at less than $1. Create truly thoughtful faith-based personalized keepsakes that are just right for any and every occasion including appreciation gifts, inspirational keepsakes, name meaning gifts, keepsakes for new babies, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, holiday gifts of every kind, remembrances, and so much more! And thanks to our incredibly easy software, it only takes a minute or two to create a distinctive keepsake that will be appreciated by everyone.
Some gifts are as simple printing your customers' favorite bible verse or an inspirational poem on a beautiful art background.
Here is one example of a very special tribute with a Soldiers Prayer, a First Name Meaning, and a Photo.
Verses on Art Sample

An Inspiring Business you can operate from Home or Retail
Personal Touch offers you a faith-friendly opportunity that you can run operate from home and grow at your own pace. Home parties, flea markets, craft fairs, festivals, carnivals, farmers markets, local church and community events, school sports and fundraisers are among the more popular venues for you to consider.
This is a flexible opportunity that you can work part-time and earn extra income working only on the weekends, or perhaps just during the peak holidays. The choice is yours.
Creating beautiful personalized gifts that your customers will adore is truly so easy, even a child can do it! In fact, that’s precisely why we confidently say that our opportunity is not only a faith-friendly but a family-friendly one as well.
Does the idea of creating faith-based products that you can feel good about sound appealing to you? If so, we encourage you to visit the pages below to learn more. And if you're still interested, request a sample gift so you can see for yourself the type of gifts you can create for your friends, family, and customers.
All you will need to get started is a windows based computer, a printer, a start-up kit, and you can be up and running in a few days.
Let us show you how!
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