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Own Your Own Home-Based Business Selling Personalized Gifts That Are Consistently Among The Best-Selling Crafts Across The United States!
Hundreds of craft fairs each year draw thousands of people, all of whom are looking for that special something that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. And nothing fits the bill better than Personal Touch personalized gifts!
When you become a Personal Touch Products dealer, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from owning a profitable, enjoyable and easy-to-operate business unlike any other, one that you can run from the comfort of your own home and grow as you see fit. Our incredibly flexible, user-friendly and fully integrated Personal Touch Products software makes it all possible. In fact, it’s the only one of its kind on the market today, enabling you to create beautiful and distinctive personalized works of art in just minutes and at profit margins of as much as 300% to 4000% or more, depending on the item.
Don’t believe us? Just look at these two examples:
  • First Name Meaning Gift (unframed )― Your cost is $.50; your selling price will be between $6.95 and $12.95!
  • Family Tree Gift (unframed) ― Your cost is $.50; your selling price will be anywhere from $15.95 to $25.95, depending on the number of family members.
When you look at those numbers, it’s easy to see just how phenomenal the profit potential is in this business! Please believe us when we say that this truly is your opportunity to generate a steady stream of income without having to do a hard sell. Why? It’s because someone somewhere is always on the lookout for that special yet affordable gift that honors, remembers or celebrates something or someone else.
It’s like we always say…
Personal Touch gifts are the right gift at the right price at the right time - Every Time!
But don’t just take out word for it! Request your FREE gift today by clicking on the link below so you can see for yourself the difference Personal Touch Products’ quality makes!
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Start Your Own Best-Selling Crafts Business Today!
Personal Touch Products offers a highly profitable, incredibly rewarding and extremely simple personalized gift business opportunity - one that is ideally suited for craft fairs, flea markets and home parties in particular. This really is your chance to own your own business doing something you enjoy and that puts a smile on your customers’ faces. All it takes to get started is your own computer, printer and the start-up package of your choosing, and you can be up and running in just a few days.
When you become a Personal Touch Products dealer, these are just some of the other key benefits you will enjoy:
  • Set your own hours and work from home, having the flexibility to sell your products at any number of venues and even online
  • Never pay royalties or any other hidden fees
  • No expensive equipment is necessary
  • Confidence that you’re using the most advanced, user-friendly and flexible software of its kind in today’s marketplace (It’s so easy that a child can do it…promise!)
  • The option to create personalized gifts for anyone with any name in the world―in both English and Spanish
  • The richest assortment of art design backgrounds, poems, bible verses, quotations and other personalized gift enhancement options available anywhere
  • High-quality yet affordable supplies to run your business as you see fit
  • Unparalleled support at start-up and over the life of your business
  • The option to grow your business at your own pace.
See for yourself what Personal Touch Products is all about! Order your FREE gift today, and get more information on our best-selling crafts business opportunity and start-up packages. Just click on the appropriate links below...
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