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There Are Thousands Of Home Businesses Out There, But Only One Is Personal Touch Personalized Gifts! Now You Can Make Great Money Doing Something You Really Enjoy, That Your Customers Will Love And That Is So Simple, Even A Child Can Do It!
Glance around the internet and you’re likely to find so many so-called home businesses to choose from that it will make your head spin. The challenge is in finding one that is legitimate, has a track record of success, enables you to market an in-demand product and most importantly, that is right for you.
While it’s true that most home businesses take a lot of time and resources to get off the ground, Personal Touch Products’ personalized gift business is different. It’s so easy and portable you can work wherever and whenever you like. All you need is your own computer, a printer and the affordable and comprehensive start-up package of your choice and you can be up and running in as little as a few days, making profits of as much as 300% to 4000% per item. In fact, it’s not at all unlikely that you’ll recoup your initial investment in as little as ten gift sales.
While that’s nice, it’s also critically important that you find a work-from-home business that you enjoy, that’s simple to operate, affordable to run and has a proven track record of success. Personal Touch Products’ personalized gift business opportunity is just the work-from-home opportunity you’ve been searching for.
Here are just two examples of what we’re talking about:
  • First Name Meaning Gift (unframed )― Your cost is $.50; your selling price will be between $6.95 and $12.95!
  • Family Tree Gift (unframed) ― Your cost is $.50; your selling price will be anywhere from $15.95 to $25.95, depending on the number of family members.
With numbers like those, it’s easy to imagine just how lucrative this business opportunity can be. And personalized gifts are always in demand. The reason is simple. They never go out of style. They are always appropriate. And they are always appreciated by their recipients. Add to that the fact that Personal Touch Products offers the most well-established, easy-to-operate, supportive and flexible personalized gift home business of its kind anyplace, anywhere; and you owe it to yourself to find out more.
To Learn More About How You Can Start Your Very Own Home Business Creating Beautiful, Distinctive, One-Of-A-Kind Personalized Gifts That Your Customers Will Love And To Receive Your Very Own Personalized FREE Gift, Just Click On The Links Below Now!
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A Business That Stands Out Among All Home Businesses
The secret to Personal Touch’s more than two decades of success in the personalized gift business is our comprehensive and affordable software. It’s the most user-friendly, fully integrated and advanced software of its kind available in today’s marketplace. It’s just loaded with features and tools that you can learn to operate in minutes to create the most popular first-name meaning gifts in the world―in both English and Spanish! And that’s not all. It allows you to combine first names with an unparalleled array of high-quality art backgrounds, poems, famous quotations and bible verses, as well as individual customer photographs to create a truly unique, high-quality product every time.
But it’s not only our software that makes us special. When you become a Personal Touch Products dealer, here are just some of the other key benefits you will enjoy:
  • The flexibility to work full- or part-time and set your own hours
  • The assurance that we will be with you every step of the way as you set up and run your business
  • The ability to create gifts from home or anywhere―everything is completely portable and easy to operate
  • The opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money on your own gift giving
  • The option to open an on-line web store in a matter of minutes
  • The comfort of knowing you’re working with an A+-rated, Online Better Business Bureau Company with a long-standing and untarnished reputation
  • The encouragement to grow your business any way you see fit and completely at your own pace.
Here at Personal Touch Products, we believe our quality speaks for itself. We invite you to experience firsthand the difference it makes. Order your very own FREE personalized gift today and you’ll know right away why we always say…
Personal Touch Gifts are the right gift at the right price at the right time - Every Time!
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